About Weed Dino

Our Story

Honestly Weed Dino started because other cannabis listing websites are greedy, because California cannabis legislation is broken and the few companies that are licensed are pushing to limit the number of competitors in the market.  That’s it.  It was started by two dudes that love cannabis, love cannabis culture and really dislike the corporate power grab that is happening in the industry.

The cannabis industry grew because of the little guy, the small boutique grower that tended to their flower.  And hard working little delivery companies and small dispensaries, the ones that maybe do enough business to earn a decent living.   These are the people that made the industry.  Not the massive multi million dollar corporations and the inept government that tries to regulate the market.  They are hurting those companies that made this industry and kept it alive since ’95,

And now with recent changes they are trying to kill off every little guy that has been dutifully supporting this industry.  We’re not going to let it happen.

How We Operate

In keeping with our reason for even starting this website, we do not charge companies for listing on our website.  To list a delivery service or dispensary is completely free and ALWAYS will be.   We want to help them get exposure and will never charge $0.01 for our service.   The only way we make money is through donations from everyone that uses our site.  We only ask that you give as much as you are happy to give.  If you can’t give, don’t worry.

Also we do not list any prop 64 licensed businesses.  Because they are greedy and fight really hard to prevent other smaller companies from becoming legal.  And until California legislators make it simple and easy for all companies to become legal we will continue to operate.  Once they do, we will shut down because we know the little guy will have a chance to become legal and succeed.

If you want to learn more about us, we put together this FAQ.

Who We Are

We are two dudes from Sweden with computer programming backgrounds that now live in Northern California.  We unfortunately can’t give much more information out because California legislators have made it clear they hate the free and open market that little companies helped grow.   So we don’t want to deal with any of that, we just want to make a great website.  This is why we don’t accept any payment.  We are a free search engine, like Google, but only for California Cannabis companies.

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LOTR Meme Expert

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