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First thank you for taking the time to read this page.

Weed Dino is free and always will be.  But running a website like this unfortunately is not free.  We have to pay for servers, for bandwidth and occasionally we have to go shopping for food and stuff.   We are a small team so our costs are not huge.   So we’re not asking for a lot.  We just like to ask for a small donation if you use this site, or if you believe in what this site stands for.

You don’t have to donate if you don’t want to or can’t.  Please use the site and enjoy.  We are doing this because we love the industry, the culture and the people.  But hey if we can get some small donations once in a while it would really help us.

To donate we ask that you please send us BitCoin.  We can’t accept cash or any other form of payment.  Bitcoin is good because it keeps us anonymous and safe from big corporations and government that do not agree with what we are doing.  If you already know how to use bitcoin, please skip to the address and QR code below.  Also if you donate and want to let us know, please fill out the form below.  We always want to show our appreciation.  And finally you can donate anonymously also.

Oh and hey here’s a video that shows out to get bitcoin easily and how to send it to us.  We didn’t make this video, but its pretty easy to follow.

This is the video for buying and sending bitcoin.  Its pretty simple.  We are not affiliated with the channel, we just think is the fastest and easiest to follow.

Our Bitcoin Address:


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Our BitCoin QR Code for fast scanning.

Did you donate?  Would you like to let us know?  Tell us below.  We always want to show our appreciation.  Also if you prefer to remain anonymous, no problem, thank you very much for helping support this website through your donation.

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