Answers to some common questions

Why Weed Dino?

Because its a dinosaur that smokes weed.

Why is your website not as awesome as WeedMaps or Leafly?

Well mostly because they are mega corporations that make millions per month.  And we’re like 2 dudes man.  And that’s like your opinion man.

Are you guys a free cannabis listing or do companies have to pay to list here?

We are 100% free for delivery services and dispensaries to list on our website and we will always be free.

Can any company list on your website?

Yes and no.   Yes any company can list on our website.  But we do not allow companies that are licensed with the state of California.  The reason we do not allow them is because they have made a lot of effort to stifle the competition and fought to limit the number of licenses that can be given out.

Why are licensed companies currently listed on your website?

We put in all of the companies we could find, and did our best to exclude the ones that are licensed.  Some slipped through.  But we’ll get them removed right away.  If you see one, let us know at maps@weeddino.com

Will there be featured listings? How do I become featured?

Yes there will be featured listings.  In fact we will have a “home page” for every major area/city.  And each and every business in that area/city will be featured.  So if you have a delivery service in Irvine, CA you will be featured on the home page of Irvine CA.  There will always be 4 featured companies at any one time.

Which brings up the next question.  What if there are 30 delivery companies in Irvine?  How will you feature them all if there are only 4 slots available on the Irvine home page?  The way we will do it is actually very simple.  We will randomly show 4 of the 30 companies in Irvine every time the home page is loaded.  So if you go to the Irvine home page and reload your browser several times, you should see different companies listed.  They will all have an equal chance to show up.

This way no one has an advantage and since we are free, you can’t “pay to win”

Will there be deals?

Yes there will be deals.  And just like featured listings they will be per area/city.  Everyone company can post 2 deals at any one time.  And because we are free, it won’t cost anything to post deals.

Is my information private?

Yep, we encrypt literally everything on the our servers and never share your information with anyone.

How do you guys make money?

The way we make money is actually donations from everyone an anyone that wants to donate to us.  That’s pretty much it.  We don’t ask for money, but if you want to donate, you can.  We haven’t set that up yet, but when its setup we’ll let everyone know.  We did the math and if everyone that visited the site donated $5 per month, we would be able to afford some cool tech upgrades :).  And hire more people to help us.  For now we have our own full time jobs which help pay the bills.

What are your favorite brands?

We don’t want to say that, we don’t want to seem partial to any one brand.  But mostly the old school brands that have been around for a long time and seem to always care about quality.