New Weed Dino Listings


If you’re on this page then you’re probably looking to get registered.  You probably also heard that popular online cannabis directory Weed Maps is removing all unlicensed companies and have already laid off a bunch of people.  Here are some links that talk about this.

Weed Maps Removing Unlicensed Companies

Weed Maps Lays off 100 Employees

This is why Weed Dino was created. To learn more please check out the About Us page. So lets go over a few things.  We have a just two rules that we would like to make sure you can follow before registering.  While we are a free to register, we really do want to have a great website that everyone loves to visit.   We take pride in our work and you should too.

RULE 1: You must be in California.  You must not be already a prop 64 licensed company.

RULE 2: You must be professional and maintain a good profile.

Remember we will never charge to list your business, all we ask is that you make it awesome.  Also remember we’re competing against some really big companies in the industry, so we have to be the best around.

You can also always text us at 949.229.7345 if you have questions.  Ask for Ana.


Do you charge any $ for the listing?

Nope, and will never charge delivery services and dispensaries for listing on our website.

How do map pins work and how do I get more?

Were still working on this.  Since we’re free you can’t “pay to win”.  For now you get the pins you had on WeedMaps.  Well update this soon.

How will you promote this website?

We have a ton of influencers lined up to blast us out on Instagram and YT.  We just need to add as many companies as we can before we tell everyone about our website.

When will you start promoting it? When will you launch?

As soon as possible actually.  We are just trying to get as many companies registered as fast as possible.  One to get ahead of Weed Maps removing unlicensed business and also to have something to show visitors when they come to the site.

Should I start telling my clients about this website?

Yes it can’t hurt.  Its good for them to be aware of it.  Just tell them we’re under construction but are going to launch very soon.

I've been trying to contact you, why are you so slow to reply?

Well there are a lot of companies out there, 2500+ and a lot of customers too.  So we will do our best to reply as quickly as possible.  Text us at 949.229.7345

Is there anything I can do to help Weed Dino?

Yes of course.  First tell of of your friends and clients about Weed Dino.  Remember Weed Maps will no longer allow unlicensed listings, so you want to get your clients over to Weed Dino as quickly as possible.  Also, you can help us by donating and asking your friends and customers to donate.  If everyone donated just $5 a month, we would be able to pay for awesome new technology hardware and also hire some staff to help customers and businesses alike.  Also just have an awesome business and listing that you really care for and customers love.

Why can't Prop 64 licensed companies list on your website?

Because they have tried very hard to block additional licenses and thus stifled competition.  That’s not cool.  So we don’t want them here.  Only Prop 215 are welcomed.

What if I don't populate my listing fast enough and don't maintain it.

Well it shows us that you don’t really care so we will just remove your listing.  We really want businesses that do good work and care about their online presence and their customers.

How do I register my business?

Chances are we’ve already put a pin on the map for your business.  So you’re half way there already.  Next you need to go to the Registration page and fill in the information.  Normally takes us a few days to get you set up.

After you register.

Once you register you’ll have full access to setup your profile.  We don’t offer much help, but we have setup some pages to help guide you.  Honestly its not that complicated.  Since this is a free service, you’ll need to do some of the heavy lifting like putting in your product catalog and other information.  But once you’re set its all good to go.   Here is an example profile for you to check out…